Curtain Close On Summer 2017

By Sunday, both Ry and I felt like we’d done leg day multiple days in a row. I’m beginning to think that I should just scrap the gym next summer and ride my ass off…literally.


Hey Guys,

Welcome to Casa Del Vega. Probably the most beautiful home base we’ve had all summer, with most definitely the best riding. This spot had Ry and I shaking our heads all weekend. Only 2 hours from home, free, great riding, great camping, gorgeous, and secluded. That’s right folks…up until now we’ve been paying ridiculous park fees (kidding we always get our park pass each year) reservations fees and so on, only to sit by our campfire and enjoy the view of our neighbours and their lacklustre taste in music. Needless to say we’ll be seeking similar options to this next summer, and will most certainly coming back here as well.





This trip however beautiful and cost effective was not without its struggles. Crown land means no power (comment on how first world this is and I’ll laugh in your face). If any of you love to camp in the later months with two young children, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The cold factor here in Canada is a real thing my friends and this weekend was proof. Now our trailer luckily has a propane furnace/ac. It not so luckily needs at least some kind of electricity to keep that furnace running hot, otherwise it likes to blow that beautiful cool air we love in the summer. What I mean to say, is that we needed that furnace this weekend but didn’t have it. Nobody likes to run their truck or genny for hours on end so we were chilly to say the least. I managed to catch a cold just the day before we left. This would turn out to be the first time I’d been sick in over a year, and probably the worst I’d been in even longer. No heat and this quickly got worse. It spread to the whole family and by the time we were ready to leave Sunday we were all pretty haggard.



Sickness aside, we had an amazing time. The riding was awesome. I missed out quite a bit but the boys and friends of ours got to enjoy the copious amounts of trails readily available. Unlike a lot of the places we’d been this year, whoops were the main attraction. By Sunday, both Ry and I felt like we’d done leg day multiple days in a row. I’m beginning to think that I should just scrap the gym next summer and ride my ass off…literally.





Without Mad Man’s PW50 in tow, one of us was always doubling with him on the quad (another workout in itself). Unfortunately his bike was in the shop for this last trip but I don’t think he minded in the least. By the end of the weekend he was standing and using his legs to absorb the shock from the whoops and following everything Ry was doing up ahead on his bike. Progression. I love watching him catch on and apply little things to his own riding. If I ever doubted how much children learn by observing others, I certainly don’t now.




One thing I can say is that kids who are outside and experiencing life are definitely the happiest. Ry and I have always said that we didn’t have kids so that we could leave them alone with a babysitter while we went out and enjoyed our pass times. Our kids come everywhere with us, and we’ve tried our best to start them out in the same sports and environments that we enjoy so that in future they can enjoy as well. Some people might think that such things as moto are too expensive to waste on children but I just shake my head. We aren’t buying “things” (ie. Equipment), were buying memories (ie. Camping and Riding with family and friends). My kids won’t remember how much these things cost but they’ll certainly remember the amount of times we spent together.

My kids are happiest outside that’s for sure. Eating dirt, collecting sticks and rocks to paint later, exploring, anything that involves not being indoors. This is especially true if it comes to changing. I packed multiples changes of clothes but i’m pretty sure Madden wore the same pair of riding pants all weekend. I managed to get new gonch on him every morning but that’s about the extent of that.





Anyways…I can tell I’m rambling annnnd I may or may not have children begging for attention! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.

Lo xo

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